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What They Don't Tell You About Surviving Medical School

My very dear friends, Joe Renier (technically Dr. Joe Renier now ;), and Sam Renier, a third year medical student at The University of Minnesota dreamed up the idea of starting a podcast. This was not just going to be any podcast, but one that would unearth and scrutinize many of the "taboo" topics within medicine that often get brushed under the rug, leaving those at all stages of their careers feeling isolated, insecure, ostracized, and whatever other negative descriptors you can think of. I am honored to be a part of their mission, which hopefully anyone from premeds up to attendings can find valueand solace in. We also encourage you not to be shy! Reach out if you want to be on the show and share your thoughts, feelings, and insights. Without further delay, here is What They Don't Tell You About Surviving Medical School. 

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