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About Me

Hey all! My name is Bryan and I am a M4 at Medical College of Wisconsin. Like many of you, my journey too, and now through, medicine has been fraught with frustrations and disappointment, but also satisfaction and elation. The medical hierarchy, while intimidating at times, truly has a pay it forward attitude with respect to education. Therefore, this website is in the same vein. I am sharing my successes and failures with you, both professionally and personally, to allow you to have more of the former and less of the latter. 

The current problem facing many premeds, med students, and beyond is the overabundance of resources. Where are you supposed to turn? What information is reliable? To combat this, I can assure you I will provide you with concise and accurate information that is tangible to your hopes and dreams. While the majority of this will cater to those pursuing or in medicine, all types of students and life long learners are welcome here as well. I can promise you value as well. 

In addition to my blog posts and videos here, you can also follow me at my social media links below. Also, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list for exclusive content. 

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